15 Aug 2022 – Time Machine Update

Turned out that blogging about cancer treatment in real time was too much for my capacity. I did post things on Facebook and Instagram and am copying them here onto my digital scrapbook.

15 August 2022:

Even a trained biomechanic needs to go into the shop sometimes. Today felt very much like I was a car at the auto mechanics. The hydraulic table goes up and down with a hole for the part they are working on to poke through so the experts had access to work on my left breast from underneath.

I loved seeing such a practical ergonomic best practice from one industry (automotive) applied in the world of healthcare. My favourite work as an engineer is all about this kind of design cross-pollination!

Results in a week or so. Feeling slightly paranoid about accidentally bleeding a bit on my subway home… Why on today of all days did I deviate from my usual black?!?

Princess Margaret makes it easy to find things.

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