Along with most of North America I’m very much looking forward to spring. In October, I made a commitment to combat the winter blues by eating well and exercising. I followed through (mostly), but the misery of this winter certainly tested the strength of my willpower. Entering the final stretch, I’d say the plan worked. Just like everyone, I have my down days, but managed to avoid falling into any deep dark holes this winter season which has been really nice. Admittedly, two weeks in Costa Rica smack in the middle of the January-February deep freeze didn’t hurt either and those strength training workouts made my time on the surfboard even more fun.

Looking at the weather report for this week, it seems the worst may be over. Last week’s snow dump proves that nothing is certain, but I’m getting my hopes up any way. As well, the head cold dragging me down for the last week is finally abating and I’m feeling primed to get out in the world. Even did some socializing! After dropping kiddo with her Dad and Grandparents for the weekend, Simon and I dragged our cold infected selves out with a few friends. From the sticky floors of Lee’s Palace for the Lemon Bucket Orkestra party on Friday to dressed up dinner with a multitude of cocktails at the Toronto Temperance Society on Saturday. Late nights, good company and many drinks later, I have no words to describe how very thankful I was for the ability to take naps this weekend. Going out two nights in a row is an extremely rare occurrence these days, but it seems to have started a snowball effect. I now have plans to go trampolining with a friend tomorrow and am signed up for a weekly circus class that starts next month. Spring fever perhaps?

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