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15 August 2020

Back in dinosaur times (circa 1998 probably) on a family trip to New Brunswick, my 2 years older cousin showed up for a visit driving an incredible car. Laurena has always been the coolest person known to my sister and … Continue reading

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20 June 2018

A month ago I ran away to join the circus… In reality, I guess it was more like taking a circus sabbatical. I left my work and family in Canada and flew to France to spend a focused week training … Continue reading

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Show time!

Cirque du Old Lady became a real thing at the end of June when I performed in the student showcase. Notification went out a month before the show which gave me 4 classes to work out a routine. The school … Continue reading

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Learning pains

People often develop strong opinions about things that come in contact with the body. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to have a favourite brand of running shoes or bicycle. When I started journalling I noticed that my … Continue reading

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