The past two weeks have been a challenge. Simon had back-to-back conferences with only a few days between to celebrate his birthday at home. Portia’s neurosurgeon appointment became scheduled just as he left for Germany on Thursday. Work continued to go great guns and I of course, tried to keep up my circus training through it all. So after a massive stretch of solo parenting, medical appointments, medical related emotions, dog walking and work insanity I’m capping it off with 2 blissful days of staycation time. Simon is still in Europe, Portia is with her grandparents, and I am decadently responsible for only myself and the dogs.

The neurosurgeon meeting went as I had expected/hoped. Watch and wait will be the name of the game. Many people with cavernomas can live their entire life not knowing they are there. And so, with no evidence of bleeding the plan is to leave them alone, monitor them via MRI once a year or so, and get on with life.

Not knowing for sure what the neurosurgeon meeting would bring or how I might react I made no formal plans for my staycation weekend apart from circus classes (aka mental health improvement sessions). When the Canadian Space Agency announced Friday morning that they were recruiting for astronauts, my weekend plans became clear. I guess it says something about where I am in my life, that rather than make plans to party it up I’m playing at the gym, spinning in my cyr wheel and spending the remainder of my time on the deck with a beer working on my ‘Why I want to be an astronaut’ essay.

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