February Navel Gazing

February has always been a reflective month for me. The new year is less shiney and as it gets broken in often feeling very similar to the one before. Any seasonal affective sadness is usually well entrenched as I try to keep my head down trudging through to spring. Add in my birthday marking another full trip around the much missed sun and it is easy to see why I’m plumbing the depths of my belly button this time of year.

Last February (like so many before) I was determined to make this month a pivot point. Work and family life were going really well. We were settled into the new house. Simon and I were married on a beach in Costa Rica the day after groundhog day and for the first time in years I felt like I had some extra energy to direct. By Valentines we were back home and I started tracking my diet and exercise habits via fitbit and the myfitnesspal app. It felt a little cheesy at the time, but for my birthday I committed to thinking of 42 as my year of life, the universe and everything. The crazy part is that all my self-motivational rah rah actually worked. I’m down 30lbs, in the best physical shape of my adult life, and even though day to day life can get stressfull I feel mentally confident that I can handle it.

This February my personal goals are to stay the course. Family, work, volunteering, physical and mental fitness are all in a good place. I’m sure that life has a few curve balls coming as it usually does, but right now I’m really happy.


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Fiftysomething biomechanical engineer, parent, partner, and recreational acrobat.
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