Cirque du Old Lady – 8 months and 2 days

After all those words about how awesome circus classes are going and the desire to push myself, the days immediately following brutally reminded me that shoving my butt off from the plateau will not come without a price. Two nights spent tossing from one side to the other with restless dreams about aching muscles and matching days made cranky from lack of sleep, going back to work and feeling incredibly old. Not sure if it was the workout, the stretching or both, but my hips ached in a way that made me flinch after sitting for more than a few minutes.

It’s easy to write about the good things that come with this, but I also want to remember the parts where I struggle. Thankfully, today is a bit better. Time and foam roller massage have helped and I surprised myself by sticking with the plan and getting a decent run on the treadmill. My mood is lifting and will hopefully stay that way as I get back to work.

About Renee

Fortysomething mom, wife and mechanical engineer. Currently working out plans to found a retirement home circus troupe.
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