7 Sep 2022 – Time Machine Update

Turned out that blogging about cancer treatment in real time was too much for my capacity. I did post things on Facebook and Instagram and am copying them here onto my digital scrapbook.

Looks like my biomachine will be getting some serious work. Apparently even Stage 0 breast cancer warrants major treatment.

News from my oncology appointment today is that I’m getting surgery and then radiation (plus MRI, molli seed placement, and other stuff I’m probably forgetting). So lots and lots of appointments and inconvenience, but that they expect a “full cure” after all is said and done.

I know full well that cancer doctors don’t use the term “expected cure” lightly. I’m insanely fortunate to be in the luxurious position of being more worried about the inconvenience of my cancer treatment than the actual cancer.

TLDR: Don’t skip your mammogram!

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