I went trampolining last night. It was amazing!

I grew up doing gymnastics. Had a backyard trampoline and discovered it was an actual sport in university. I’m even a certified coach in both. All this is to say I have a reasonable amount of innate talent for this kind of stuff. Took up circus classes around 2002 and gave it all up cold turkey when my knees developed a persistent desire to buckle (accompanied by searing pain) during activities that involved jumping. I started running and rock climbing because they didn’t hurt my knees. Rock climbing got limited during the early parenting years, but I’ve stuck with the running.

That in and of itself has been a big personal accomplishment for me since I have very little natural talent for it. I’m a bit of a show off and it takes serious effort for me stick with things where everyone else seems to be better at than me. This has been one of my biggest growing up lessons. Completely middle of the pack grades in engineering school did an excellent job of teaching me that hard work is well worthwhile even when you aren’t at the head of the class.

I headed to the trampoline place with a lot of fear. Were my knees up to it or would I find myself limping away with an ice pack? Just how ridiculous will I look bouncing my middle-aged self around in a room full of teens and 20somethings? Am I too old for this? Am I crazy?

Apart from the first and actually valid concern, the answer to all of the other questions is “Who cares?!’ — Where’s the interrobang key when I need it?– Who cares if everyone else in the room is younger, fitter, more whateverthehell than me? Trampolining is something I deeply enjoy and as long as me knees don’t take issue I’m going to keep doing it. I’m hopeful that running has helped strengthen the surrounding knee muscles to reduce the probability of buckling – all I can do for that is keep my fingers crossed.

I was flying. Can’t wait to do it again.

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Fortysomething mom, wife and mechanical engineer. Currently working out plans to found a retirement home circus troupe.
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