3 October 2020

As usual, actual implementation of the weekly meal plan went off road in a few places.

Sunday: roast squash, brussels sprouts, sweet potatos, pork chops

-Pretty easy to stick with any plan straight out of the gate!

Monday: cod au gratin, fried green tomatos, green beans, leftover roast veg

-Cod au gratin is a family favourite, but does take effort. It was the perfect way to use up the very last of our freezer cod supply. Realized that also attempting fried green tomatoes for the first time was overdoing it. Much easier to pick some green beans from the backyard.

Tuesday: cod au gratin part II, green beans part II, fried green tomatoes

-Fried green tomatoes were a new discovery and a hit! Certainly not the healthiest meal (especially with cheesy cod au gratin beside it), but the green tomatoes were surprisingly tangy which kept the whole thing from feeling greasy. A nice send off of the final tomatoes from my rookie backyard garden.

Wednesday: skirt steak on salad

-6 years ago, our local butcher catered our backyard wedding party and served grilled skirt steak as part of the menu and it’s been a regular part of our dinner menu ever since. The marinade/salad formula changes regularly – this one was Newfoundland spice rub (last of a souvenir spice pack from our most recent visit – 2 years ago – sob) on the skirt steak, blue cheese on top and lettuce salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, plus sprinklings of stuff I found in the pantry drawer (pumpkin seeds, almond bits, mixed dried fruit, fried onion pieces) and bottled greek feta dressing

Thursday: apple fennel slaw, squash, miso beer can chicken, quiche with kale and a random salmon fillet from the freezer

-Slaw was just slice apples, fennel mixed with a dressing of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and tarragon. Quiche was frozen gluten free pie shell, random lone salmon fillet from the freezer, kale, parmesan cheese, held together with cream (that needed using up), milk and eggs. 11 year old doesn’t like eggs and was very dubious about having quiche for dinner. Happily she realized that the eggs were about as significant as when they appear on french toast (which she loves).

Friday: roast chicken part II, kale, roast cauliflower, apple fennel slaw part II 

-Should have remembered that making any kind of slaw always makes a ton! Miso beer can chicken was much too complicated for the busy Friday we had so Simon just roasted it with salt, pepper and paprika which was awesome.

Saturday: Poutine Project! (kid asked if we can make poutine from scratch) with roast chicken part II on top and sneaky beans

-Weather looks like we are still on plan for later today. Poutine idea came about when we realized that our bbq side burner makes deep frying possible outside (yay for no deep fry smell in the house). Sneaky beans are code for garden green beans – lots of rain this week, while the rest of the garden plants are clearly winding down for the winter the green beans are still growing away. 

Sneaky bean plants with their dead tomato plant friend at the end.

Sunday: takeout 

-Hasn’t actually happened yet, but very unlikely to change 😉

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