28 December 2020

Catching up with December. Christmas prep often becomes a part-time job leading up to the holiday. With no social activities allowed I wanted to make sure the kiddo still felt like it was a special time. I think we succeeded, and I’m now happily into the sloth filled interstitial time between Christmas and New Year. Been filling my days with circus workouts, cured meat, cheese, books, books and tv time. As you can clearly see, I don’t have any room in my schedule for more than a photo dump.

And here is our plan for the last week of the year! My partner’s handwriting isn’t the most legible.

  • Sunday: leftover takeout
  • Monday: chorizo, carrot slaw and cheese grits
  • Tuesday: sweet and sour chicken, noodles and greens
  • Wednesday: skirt steak and salad
  • New Years Eve: seafood paella
  • Friday: leftover paella
  • Saturday: fondue
  • Sunday: takeout

About Renee

Fiftysomething biomechanical engineer, parent, partner, and recreational acrobat.
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