24 November 2017

After a week without travel or that damn cold/flu thing under my belt I’m feeling more like myself. Getting back to training hasn’t fixed my problems with the US Border people, but it has given my brain other things to think about than lawyers and lost work, which in turn has massively reduced my anxiety levels now that I’m doing something with my unexpected free time.

The torn muscle in my shoulder is ever so slowly repairing, but this week I used it as a kick in the pants to break out the unicycle I bought over the summer. I’ve been riding up and down the hallway outside the Fly with Me studio to supplement my aerial training limitations. The unicycle definitely works my leg muscles more than aerial has and my brain is trying to fire in new ways that can only be good for it.

About Renee

Fiftysomething biomechanical engineer, parent, partner, and recreational acrobat.
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