22 November 2020

I can’t put my finger on any single reason why, but last week was tough. Crossed wires, misunderstandings, general grumpiness and self-flagellation felt like the running theme. I’m trying to find a positive attitude, but the onset of winter combined with rising covid rates in Ontario and around the world make that a challenge some days.

Happily the weekend has helped reset the personal mental processing unit. Simon and I spent Saturday fixing a much procrastinated hallway lighting issue at the house that has very literally brightened things up. Add in a few hours cleaning along with a potential longer term project opportunity to get me thinking about the future and winter things aren’t feeling as bleak.

With the exception of swapping Tuesday and Thursday meals because I didn’t get gnocchi until later, last week went almost completely to plan. Wednesdays chicken/squash/grits combo made enough to have it again Friday so the kohlrabi and carrot slaw has now moved into tonight’s Sunday taco plan.

Here’s the plan for upcoming week.

  • Sunday: tacos! steak, kohlrabi/carrot/cilantro slaw, with tortillas
  • Monday: porchetta, kale and roast potatoes
  • Tuesday: porchetta part 2, mac&cheese and kale
  • Wednesday: coconut miso salmon arugula curry over rice
  • Thursday/Friday: daikon fries, bok choy and fire chicken
  • Saturday: ramen takeout?

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Fiftysomething biomechanical engineer, parent, partner, and recreational acrobat.
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