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27 December 2018

While kiddo is with her Dad’s side of the family for a few days her Papa and I are revelling in “boring grown up stuff”. Giant New York Times crossword for him. Dog snuggles and book for me. And more leftovers … Continue reading

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26 December 2018

Holiday leftovers make for wonderfully horrible food options. This one reminds me of a decadent hot dip they served at a long gone wine bar in Kingston, Ontario. Cheeseball, sundried tomatos, and gnocchi. A little red pepper for vegetables.

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25 December 2018

Merry Christmas! A few photos for the scrapbook. This captures her spirit well. Nine is a fantastically wacky age. My partner enjoys taking on cooking projects so for the past 5 years he’s chosen to theme our Christmas Eve feasts … Continue reading

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Production Line 1

I made a machinery inspired aerial show! So grateful to everyone that participated in the show. They helped take my idea and made it better.

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