2 January 2021

Biomechanic Report:

Like our family menu planning, I’m realizing that I do much better on the fitness front when I make a weekly plan rather than just doing whatever I feel like that day. Here’s what this past week looked like.

  • Monday: backbends
  • Tuesday: handstand drills
  • Wednesday: legs
  • Thursday: core
  • Friday: handstand drills
  • Saturday: flexibility (zoom class)
  • Sunday: conditioning (zoom class)

Saturday mornings are usually a good time to take inventory of how my body is feeling. I can lay in bed without the alarm and check in with what is aching. It seems to be a funny fact of aging that I’m almost always aching somewhere. Either good aching from a workout, or bad aching from not moving. This morning it was the muscles between my scapula radiating up to my neck that had the most to say. Probably the result of changing my handstand drills this week to increase their difficulty. I rollered them out yesterday, but more stretching will be needed. I’m hoping it is a sign of my shoulders and upper back opening up accessing new underused muscles. The good news is that I didn’t wake up with my low back aching which it had been earlier in the week. I added some glute extension strengthening drills on Wednesday and they seems to be doing the trick.

Saturday (today) is flexibility class with Diana Gonzalez zooming in from Italy. I’ve been taking her weekend classes since late November and really enjoy having something structured on the weekend. Her flexibility classes definitely get me to push harder in the active stretches that I normally do on my own. Happy to have stuck with all the workouts this week, but it was still a mostly holiday week so work wasn’t as demanding. Leg day workout is still the hardest, but it is becoming less difficult than it was in November and happily my knees are doing well with it. For the circus skills I’m interested in doing, my legs to just be steady state strong so there are no plans to up the intensity level. Instead I want to start adding in formal slackline drills to improve the stabilizer muscles and my overall balance. So far I’ve just been futzing around on the slackline whenever I feel like it, but not doing anything with a plan. (yep, there’s that word again)

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