19 February 2024 – This is 52

Ten years ago I used the impetus of turning 42 as my wake up call that waiting to ‘get in shape’ before signing up for circus classes would only result in even more time passing. And wow was that ever the right thing to do. I celebrated the last night of 51 in the studio training for a student show planned for April and happily was able to safely do all my favourite bigger tricks that will be going into the routine.

It’s been a full year now since I finished cancer treatment and I’m feeling physically recovered and positive about this upcoming trip around the sun. There was a lot of head time spent asking myself what I want from this next phase of life. I’m in a really good place and the conclusion is applicable to both my work and play worlds. I don’t want to feel like I’m coasting, but I’m also not interested in climbing up ladders (circus or corporate) to increasingly harder things. What I am motivated by is the idea of taking what I have right now and working to make those things better.

About Renee

Fiftysomething biomechanical engineer, parent, partner, and recreational acrobat.
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