12 Sept 2022 – Stage 0

So it’s been a year and some more.

To summarize: Pandemic, turned 50, work, family, Covid vaccines, getting actual Covid, vacations where we actually went places*, and generally returning to “real life” or whatever that is going to look like now.

* stayed in Canada, still haven’t ventured beyond the border since a work trip to Italy in 2019.

So now that life is getting back to normal, let’s circle back to that turning 50 part, because where I live that particular birthday milestone comes with a few medical screening tests including a mammogram… cue ominous music.

Yep, my routine screening mammogram quickly led to a second higher resolution mammogram, that led to a biopsy, that has now led to an official diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ Nuclear Grade 2, also known as Breast Cancer (Stage 0). This whole rollercoaster started July 23, biopsy was 3 weeks later and pathology diagnosis was 2 days later. I learned I had cancer on Aug 17, left for vacation 3 days later, met with my oncologist August 6 and am now looking at surgery and radiation treatment between now an end of the year.

The bad news: I have breast cancer.

The good news: They caught it super early and I have access to universal healthcare. Stage 0 means it hasn’t spread or even had time to make an official tumour. Prognosis is excellent, but treatment is still going to suck ass.

I celebrated turning 50 with a circus type flexibility photo shoot. The sketchy one is leftie there.

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