1 January 2021

Like most people across the world, we welcomed the New Year from home last night. It sucked to not to be with our friends in Collingwood eating, playing crokinole, bed at 10:30p (they are as wonderfully lame about this one as Simon and I am) and welcoming the New Year with a walk in their backyard apple orchard. Instead we zoomed with them and celebrated with seafood paella, sparkling wine, and an episode of Dr. Who (the kid is watching for the first time). 

My own new year has started with handstand practice and signing up for a flexibility program so that I can have a formal plan for working on backbends in a safe way. With less my 49th birthday quickly approaching and the milestone 50th right behind, I’m ramping up my personal biomechanic project. It’s an idea that has been slowly developing over the years that I’ve been circus training. I have a degree in biomechanical engineering and have worked with manufacturing equipment for my entire career so it’s not surprising that I regularly think think of my own self as a biomachine. The project itself is based on the idea of approaching my body/mind/self as one would a vintage car and documenting how I’m fixing it up and trying to keep it in running shape. My body is aging and this has and will continue to affect what it can and cannot do. This will happen regardless of whether I like it or not. So rather than fight against the tide I’m choosing to pay closer attention to the process and try to enjoy working with what I have.

About Renee

Fiftysomething biomechanical engineer, parent, partner, and recreational acrobat.
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